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Your choices and rights are your own. You want to protect them as a citizen or a business owner. So it’s important to understand how laws are made.

Knowledge is power. When ideas move through the legislative process, knowledge gets put into action. Take an interest in what is happening with regulations, taxes and other issues affecting you and your business.


You have the right to speak your mind about issues affecting you. Many don’t realize the importance of speaking out. Make your voice heard.

Speaking up is the only way to make sure your views are known on regulations that could affect you. Take the time to make your point of view a part of the discussion. Your voice matters. You can make a difference.


It’s time to be heard. Let politicians know why you’re against unfair laws and regulations. Send a message to those making decisions impacting you.

We are here to help you stay informed. Let’s make your voice heard, protect your right to make choices and impact the legislative process. We’re in this together. Together, we can make a difference.


Lawmakers in Oklahoma have a big problem, and they are trying to use your money to solve it.

Due to a budget shortfall, legislators are considering a $1.50 increase on the price for a pack of cigarettes. This tax increase would more than double the current state cigarette tax. Make your voice heard today!


Legislators need to stop trying to fill budget holes by unreasonably taxing hard-working adults who choose to consume a legal product.


Tell your legislators that they should vote NO on the proposed cigarette tax increase. Let them know that you make the informed decision to use a legal product and shouldn’t be penalized because of your choices.

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