Washington, D.C., could ban your products! Congress is considering a new bill that would ban all flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, flavored moist snuff and vapor products that you freely enjoy today. If you believe in your right as an adult to purchase products you enjoy, make your voice heard and protect them now!

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For people eligible to vote in the US only.

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Own it.
You are not alone in your opinion. You have rights and the ability to make your own choices in life. But there are legislators willing to renegotiate those rights and make those choices for you. So get informed. Learn about everything that is happening around you regarding tobacco taxation, vapor regulations and more.

Voice it.
When proposed rules and regulations threaten to affect your rights and choices, you have a duty to stand up and speak your mind. Do it loudly, and do it often. If you remain silent, so does your opinion, and you may end up with laws and regulations that don’t work for you.

Act Together.
It’s amazing what can be achieved when people come together. When other voices join yours, it becomes hard for legislators to ignore the truth: you won’t stand for unfair laws and regulations. Together, you can affect real change in the legislative process. Together, you can make a difference.

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For people eligible to vote in the US only.