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Under The FDA Flavor Bans.

On November 15, the FDA just announced some of the most aggressive flavor bans in history.

The proposed bans would remove menthol cigarettes from the market, restrict sales of flavored cigars and drastically limit access to flavored vapor products. Learn how these bans will affect you and sign up to get notified about future developments or actions you can take.

> What Flavor Bans are the FDA Targeting?

In short, their targets are menthol cigarettes and flavored vapes. The FDA is boldly calling for complete elimination of menthol cigarette products. That's right. Menthol cigarettes have been legally consumed by adults for decades, but now they are under fire. If you are an adult menthol cigarette smoker, you will no longer have legal access to your preferred products if FDA’s plans become a rule.

If you are a vaper who uses menthol, mint or traditional tobacco flavors, you’ll still be able to find your products where you usually shop . . . for now. However, if you prefer to vape any other flavor, the FDA flavor bans call for restricted access to age-restricted locations or highly restricted access to online stores. In other words, you may have to drive a lot farther to find your preferred flavors.

The FDA flavor ban also will target all flavored cigars, so those would no longer be available if the FDA issues a rule.

> Why Are Flavor Bans a Big Deal?

Bans have vast implications, even if you don’t smoke menthol cigarettes or choose flavored vape products. Such restrictive flavor bans call into question our freedom and personal rights to make responsible adult choices. Bans also have a history of instigating crime and smuggling rather than achieving the goals they set out to do.

What’s more, many adult smokers who switched from smoking to vaping say that flavors helped them make the switch. Restricting where those flavors can be purchased makes that switch harder for others who might have considered it.

But you can make a difference. This ban will take a long time to go through the FDA’s rulemaking process, so there is time to act. Own It Voice It can amplify your voice along with thousands of others who feel just like you. The FDA isn’t accepting comments at this time, but if you sign up for alerts, we’ll let you know when something changes and help you contact the right lawmakers at the right time. Don’t wait for someone else to fight for your rights. Prepare to strike back by signing up now.

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