Vaping In

The Workplace

Rapidly changing vaping laws leave a lot of gray area for business owners on whether or not vaping should be allowed on premises, on duty, or at all. The bottom line remains that if you’re the owner of a convenience store, you depend on tobacco sales and your employees should understand the basics of vaping in the workplace.

> Vaping on the job

You have a smoking policy at your store. You’re prepped your employees on how to check IDs and address tobacco price increases with your customers. But have you addressed whether or not customers and employees can vape indoors? Unless you see them, you may never know your employees vape indoors. States have begun to restrict indoor vaping, and if it hasn’t already happened in your area, it could soon. Have conversations with your employees now to prepare them for the future.

> Start the conversation

As a store owner, do you know where you stand on indoor vaping? Do you know what the law allows? Open communication about vaping policies creates a happier workplace. Here are some things to keep in mind when talking to them or creating your own store policies:

  • Some vapers may not be aware of state laws. If smoking and vaping indoors is prohibited in your state, make sure they know where smoking/vaping areas are on your premises.
  • Employees who smoke may feel resentful that while they can’t smoke indoors, their co-workers are allowed to vape. Be sensitive and ensure your policies take their perspective into consideration.
  • Employees who don’t vape may be concerned about how second-hand vape could affect them. Encourage open dialog and create a workplace policy that works for your business, customers and staff members.
  • Everybody’s tolerance is different. Some people never notice an odor associated with vaping, while others notice it keenly.

Conversations around indoor vaping, especially in the workplace, are only going to increase. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates affecting your rights.