Tobacco Tax: Affecting More

Than Just Cigarette Smokers and Vapers.

When you hear about tobacco taxes, the conversation usually focuses on cigarettes and vaping products, but the prices of so many other tobacco products are raising because of tobacco tax increases, too.

The more you know, the more you can do, so check out what’s happening with other tobacco products and join the conversation on social media.

> Beyond Cigarettes and Vaping Products

There are many different tobacco products out there, but we often don’t hear much information about cigars or smokeless tobacco products. The chatter is quiet, but things are definitely happening legislatively that affect how much you pay for your favorite product.

> Smokeless Tobacco

Other tobacco products (OTP) include dip, chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, cigars, cigarillos and dissolvable lozenges.1 It can be difficult to keep them all straight, so if you want to know more about the differences between them, take a look at our OTP Glossary

In many states, the tax rate on cigarettes and vaping products is significantly higher than smokeless tobacco products, but that’s starting to change.

In July 2017, the tax rate on smokeless tobacco products in Sacramento, CA raised from 27.3% to 65.08% of the wholesale cost. That’s double, and it’s definitely going to affect your budget if you enjoy smokeless tobacco on a regular basis.

> Know your smokeless tobacco product

Chewing tobacco is a type of tobacco that is chewed, rather than smoked and is often confused with dip. Dip is the traditional form of American snuff and is placed on the lower lip and gums. The nicotine absorbs through the mouth and, depending on preference, the juices that form while dipping are either swallowed or spat. Chewing tobacco comes in the form of leaf, pellets/bits, and plugs, and is, as the name suggests, chewed.

Snuff and snus are also commonly confused. Snuff is dry or pulverized tobacco and is typically put a pinch between the lip and gum and spit. Snus is finely ground, moist tobacco in a thin teabag-like pouch that users place between the lip and gum.

Finally, dissolvable lozenges simply dissolve in the mouth and don’t require any spitting or discarding.

> Cigars

Cigar prices are going up. Currently, the tax on cigars in New York State average at 28.5%, but the governor is seeking to change some legislation that will greatly affect cigar smokers. If the legislation passes, as soon as later this year or early 2019, taxes will make up 75% of the price of a cigar, meaning retailers may have to increase prices.

> Change happens fast

Tobacco tax rates seem be changing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Here are just a few states that have recently experienced substantial tax hikes on smokeless tobacco products:


Unfortunately for tobacco users, you often don’t find out about tobacco tax and price increases until you’re at the register, buying your favorite tobacco product, and by the time you know, it’s too late to make your voice heard.

We’re here to help you stay informed and give you the tools to speak out to legislators directly about your feelings on tobacco tax increases before they happen.

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If you already know what’s happening and want to start speaking out now, start connecting with your legislators and sharing important information with adult friends and family who use tobacco. Like you, the people you care about deserve to have all the facts.

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Source: 1 All smokeless tobacco definitions come from Merriam Webster and Difference Between