How the New

FDA Flavor Ban
Will Affect You.

As it stands today, adult consumers over 18 can purchase e-vapor products in the flavor of their choice wherever vape products are sold.

But on November 15, the FDA flavor ban announcement included restrictions on certain vape flavors. Since thousands of different flavors exist, these proposed restrictions are bound to affect you if you vape.

> Will I still be able to purchase my favorite vape flavor?

Most likely, but it might become difficult.

If you vape traditional tobacco, mint or menthol flavors, access to those products does not come under the proposed restrictions. You should have unrestricted access to your products. If you smoke anything else, the FDA plans to restrict your access.

After this vaping regulation legislation passes, flavored vape products other than tobacco, mint and menthol flavors will be sold in age-restricted, in-person locations. Online stores need to impose  “heightened practices for age verification.”

Stores will need to construct restricted areas for flavored vape products (other than tobacco, mint, and menthol). We don’t yet know what “restricted area” means. However, FDA Commissioner Dr. Gottlieb stated that “a curtain won’t cut it,” and neither will placing products under counters. If you don’t vape tobacco, mint, or menthol flavors, you’ll probably find yourself corralled into a sectioned-off area with other adults to buy your favorite flavored vape products.

If you shop online for a unique flavor, your online store will have to provide “heightened practices for age verification.” Again, no one is sure how that will affect availability. But as with any regulation, retailers will need time and money to put into complying with the new laws. If your online store cannot or does not comply, you may not have access to your favorite products.

So, is there a proposed FDA flavor ban on vape products?

The FDA proposes restrictions on vape products, but not a ban. Most likely, your shopping experience will be quite different. Even if you vape traditional flavors, changes to accommodate the new regulations may affect you. For example, online stores may apply heightened age-verification to all shoppers. More vape stores may start checking ID at the door. Convenience stores may shift product offerings altogether, change their checkout processes or limit the ability to browse.

Regardless, these restrictions suggest that an FDA flavor ban targeting vapers may happen down the road. Increased regulations can lead to complete bans. Only you can stop that from happening.

We have a chance to impact legislation before it happens. Take action to make your voice heard. Let lawmakers know you oppose further restrictions on your favorite vape products.