Talking to Adult Customers About

Tobacco Price Increases Doesn't Have to be Hard.

Tobacco price increases can make customer service difficult, especially when you aren’t even made aware of changes until they’ve gone into effect.

Customers often aren’t aware of the tobacco tax increases that affect pricing, and, even once you’ve learned of an increase, it can be tricky to talk about it with customers in the moment. With just a few easy talking points, you can diffuse frustration and help keep customers coming back to you instead of price-shopping in the next neighborhood or town.

> The facts.

If you’re the owner or a clerk at a store that sells tobacco products, knowledge is power. Check out all the ways you can respond to questions about price increases to keep adult customers coming back to support your business.

Customer: I am not happy about the price of those cigarettes.
Answer: We don’t like it either. Unfortunately, the government just raised taxes again.

Customer: Why are my cigarettes more expensive here than at the store down the road?
Answer: Hmm, we just had to increase the price because taxes went up again. Maybe they’ve raised theirs by now, too

Customer: I’m not going to buy my gas here if cigarettes are going to be this expensive.
Answer: I’m sorry. I know it’s hard. The tobacco tax just went up again and it’s hurting all the stores. I hope you’ll keep coming back to us anyway.

Customer: Why do you keep raising prices?
Answer: We actually didn’t raise the price! The government just raised the tobacco tax again and that’s what makes the prices higher. Wish it wasn’t that way, but there’s nothing we can do once the law’s passed.

Give your customers the power.

It’s always difficult having conversations with customers about higher prices, but if you take a little time to practice the above scenarios, it will become second nature in no time.

Better together.

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