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Whenever a new piece of legislation or taxation goes into effect regarding tobacco or vapor products, it can easily affect a retailer's bottom line.

This page will help keep you in the know about what's going on across the country. See how these issues may impact your business.

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The FDA ban’s effect on retailers

The Cost of the FDA Ban for Retailers.

This FDA ban may not only mean a reduction in income but also extra expense to comply with new government regulations. > The Impact on Vapor Sales The proposed FDA ban targets all E-cigarette flavors except ment...
Learn more about Menthol Bans and take action

Your Future Under the FDA Flavor Bans.

The proposed bans would remove menthol cigarettes from the market, restrict sales of flavored cigars and drastically limit access to flavored vapor products. Learn how these bans will affect you and sign up to g...
Learn more about Menthol Bans and take action

Menthol Under Fire

If you’re a tobacco product retailer, read on to learn more about the potential ban and to get tips on speaking out. > What portion of your tobacco sales are menthol products? For most tobacco retailers, it’...

Stress-free ID checks

> By the book. Retailers are on the front lines when it comes to preventing tobacco sales to minors. That’s why checking the IDs of anyone who looks under the age of 27 is so important. Better to err on the si...