Public Vaping Etiquette -

Do's & Don'ts for Adult Vapers.

Public vaping bans are on the rise.

Bans on public cigarette smoking have been around for quite some time and restrictions have only continued to tighten over the years.

You can help prevent restrictions on vaping in public places by being a responsible vaper. Avoid the perception of vaping as a public nuisance by following the easy etiquette tips below.

> Do's and Don'ts for vapers.

DO be conscious of your surroundings. If you’re on a busy street surrounded by people, wait until you clear the crowd before letting out a plume of vapor. The same applies to indoor areas where your neighbors might not be able to easily avoid exhaled vape clouds. Remember, not everybody appreciates a vapor cloud as you may!

DON’T assume your co-workers are okay with vaping while working around you. People are sensitive to different things, but fragrance tends to be a common sensitivity. Your employer may allow vaping, but make sure to check with your colleagues as well.

DO ask permission. Some clubs and bars allow indoor vaping. Ask whether or not it’s o.k. before pulling out your e-vapor products to enjoy indoors.

DO check for signs on patios of businesses you frequent. Chances are, vaping on the patio is a “go” unless visibly stated otherwise.

> Good vaping manners matter.

When in doubt, the best etiquette is to ask those around you if your choice to vape imposes on their choice not to. Chances are, your friends and colleagues will respect you even more (and vapers in general) for taking their preferences into consideration!

Protect your right to vape by being considerate in public and by speaking out against restrictive legislation.

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