10 Tobacco Bans

That Will Arm You to Protect Your Rights

Smoking and tobacco bans aren’t new. We’ve seen a squeeze on our rights for over a century, but regulation efforts have rapidly increased in recent years. Today your smoking rights are at stake more than ever, but you can prepare for the future by learning from the past. Get the facts and speak out now, before it’s too late.

Knowledge is power.

Know your history to keep it from repeating itself. The tobacco timeline below can arm you with important and eye-opening facts.

Here’s a timeline of some of the top bans throughout history:

  • 1970: Richard Nixon bans cigarette advertising on radio and TV
  • 1975: Minnesota becomes the first state to ban smoking in most public places
  • 1990: All U.S. domestic flights outlaw smoking
  • 1993: Bill Clinton bans smoking in the White House

  • 2007: Tobacco use in movies becomes a ratings consideration set by the Motion Picture Association of America

  • 2011: Times Square and Central Park in New York City go smoke free

The power is in your hands.

The increased rate of tobacco bans in recent years is alarming. It's up to us to speak out against these regulations and protect our rights while we still can.

Taking action is easy.

It doesn't take much to get your voice heard. Share your thoughts on social media, contact your legislators and vote people into office who support you.

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