How Can Tobacco Retailers

Make a Meaningful Difference?

As a tobacco retailer, it’s easy to take a back seat to the legislative process. There aren’t enough hours in the day and it often feels like speaking out doesn’t make much of a difference. There’s power in numbers, though. The more people like you who speak out to protect your business interests, the louder the message. Read on for tips to get your voice heard and keep your community informed.

5 easy tips for making a difference as a tobacco retailer:

  1. Follow Own It Voice It to stay informed on legislative proposals in your area. When proposals come up in your area, we make it easy to send letters to your representatives.
  2. Talk to adult tobacco customers who frequent your store. Here are a few topics that make conversations easy to start:
    1. Why are cigarettes getting more expensive?
    2. Your future under the FDA flavor bans.
    3. Tobacco tax: affecting more than just smokers and vapers.
    4. Flavor bans: why they matter and how to stop them.
  3. If customers start talking to you about a frustrating product ban, encourage them to visit Own It Voice It to stay informed and to connect with their legislators.
  4. Share your thoughts on social media to get the conversation going. The evidence shows that news is more effective when shared by a trusted source, so your adult friends are much more likely to pay attention to shared news and blog posts that come directly from you.
  5. Share your numbers! Many convenience stores would be devastated by a product ban. If you depend on menthol sales, for instance, share your concerns about the potential lost revenue in your letter to your legislators.

> Making a difference as a tobacco retailer takes practice.

Your voice matters. Own It Voice It will let you know when proposed legislation arises and who you can contact when it does. Listen and speak to your adult tobacco customers about bans and ask them to help you continue to provide the products they prefer.

Your voice matters. Begin joining the conversation today to build a future where adult choice is protected, right along with the future of your business.