Flavor Bans:

Why They Matter
and How to Stop Them.

Whether you prefer menthol cigarettes, flavored chewing tobacco or other flavored tobacco products, your favorite may be next on the chopping block. The best way to prevent a tobacco flavor ban from actually going into effect is to get all the facts and advocate for your consumer right to choose.

> What is a flavor ban?

A flavor ban is a ban on the added flavors found in cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products and vaping products. Currently, the only added characterizing flavor in cigarettes is menthol, but there are numerous characterizing flavors available for those who prefer either vape or smokeless tobacco products.

> What happens if a flavor ban is passed in my area?

A ban on flavored tobacco products would make it illegal to purchase your preferred vape or tobacco products, limiting choice and potentially opening up the doors for future product bans.

> Is menthol a characterizing flavor?

Depending on the level used, menthol can be a characterizing flavor. Many cigarette brands, dating back decades, have used menthol.

When Congress enacted the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Act in 2009, the law prohibited the continued use of characterizing flavors in cigarettes – except for menthol. Now with vapor products – which come in many characterizing flavors – becoming more popular in the last few years, legislators and regulators alike are looking at how to regulate flavors across all tobacco products. If you prefer menthol-flavored products, it’s time to pay attention because the option to choose could be gone before you know it.

You have the power to help drive the conversation around flavor bans. If a ban is proposed in your area, share what you know with other adult tobacco users and tell your legislators you’re against flavor bans.

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