Flavor Bans

Take Away Your Right to Choose.

Many adult tobacco consumers have considered or chosen to switch to flavored vape products. That’s your decision to make…for now.

Flavored tobacco products, including flavored vape products, are at risk for being taken off the shelves of your favorite retailers, but you don’t have to just stand by and watch it happen. Learn more about flavor bans and start driving the conversation today.

Protect your right to choose.

The choice for adults to vape, smoke cigarettes or enjoy other tobacco products, is one that legislators actively seek to make more and more difficult, and the threat to flavored tobacco products is just one of many strategies lawmakers use to limit your choices when it comes to tobacco products.

Your right to choose is an important one to protect, though, and product bans are slippery slopes. If flavored tobacco products get banned tomorrow, what’s next? Craft beer? Flavored liquor?

It’s unsettling to think that, without any notice, we could go to the store and discover our favorite products aren’t being sold anymore because of lawmakers deciding what’s best for us. If you want to protect your choice and help create a culture where adult consumers are free to responsibly enjoy their favorite products, then your voice is an important one to join the flavor ban conversation.

You have the power to help drive the conversation around flavor bans. The first step is to just start sharing what you know with people you think would be interested and sharing what you want with legislators.

Don’t keep this to yourself. It’s time to band together against flavor bans, so share the facts on social media and email your legislators directly to tell them why a flavor ban isn’t for you.