Congress is coming after your business. Legislators want to prohibit the sale of menthol flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, moist snuff and vapor products.

Make your voice heard. Legislators need to hear that these proposals will hurt your business.

Convenience stores depend on tobacco for one-third of all sales volume, and a menthol flavor ban will hurt your bottom line. This type of legislation could have disastrous effects on the business community here as retailers would experience huge sales losses.

Tell your congresspeople that prohibitions just don’t work. History and common sense tell us that bans targeting legal adult choices won’t work, will have unintended consequences and can result in selective enforcement. This ban will hurt your sales and increase the illicit trade problem.

Let legislators know that you want them to vote “NO” on HR 2339. Let them know that these proposals will hurt your business and may force you to make tough decisions, like cutting hours or jobs.

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