Opinions Come Easy. So Should Voicing Them.

With the constant influx of new rules, regulations and legislation affecting adults who choose to use or sell tobacco products and vapor products, you need a place where you can get the information you need. The Own It Voice It website was created to make it easy for adult tobacco users, vapers and retailers to contact their legislators and voice their opinion. Own It Voice It is managed by RAI Services Company, a subsidiary of Reynolds American, Inc.


Change only comes for those who demand it.

It is important for you to be an advocate for the things that matter to you. If you believe in adult smokers’ rights and vapers’ rights, or if your business bottom line will be affected by changes in tobacco taxation and flavor bans, it is your duty to make your voice heard. When legislators understand how their constituents feel, they’ll be far less likely to vote burdensome proposals into law.

// Silence

Your voice only matters if you use it.

No one has ever effected change by doing nothing. That’s what makes voicing your opinion so very important. When you stand up for what you believe in, your opinion counts. And when others who feel like you do the same, well … that’s when politicians start to listen. So join the cause. Silence is the surest way to lose what matters to you.